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CE certification

CE mark is a safety certification mark, which is regarded as the passport opened by the manufacturer and entered the European market. CE stands for European unification. All products with "CE" mark can be sold in EU member states without meeting the requirements of each member state, so as to realize the free circulation of goods within EU Member States.

ROHS certification

RoHS is a mandatory standard formulated by EU legislation. Its full name is the restriction of hazardous substances. The standard has been officially implemented since July 1, 2006. It is mainly used to standardize the material and process standards of electronic and electrical products, so as to make it more conducive to human health and environmental protection. The purpose of this standard is to eliminate lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls and polybrominated diphenyl ethers (Note: the correct Chinese name of PBDE refers to polybrominated diphenyl ethers, and polybrominated diphenyl ethers are wrong) in motor and electronic products, and focuses on the requirement that the content of Lead shall not exceed 0.1%.

EN71 certification

EN71 is the standard for toy products in the EU market. Children are the most concerned and cherished group in the whole society. The toy market generally loved by children is developing rapidly. At the same time, all kinds of toys cause harm to children due to various quality problems from time to time. Therefore, countries all over the world are increasingly strict with toys in their own market. Many countries have established their own safety regulations for these products, and production companies must ensure that their products meet relevant standards before they are sold in the region. The manufacturer must be responsible for accidents caused by production defects, poor design or the use of inappropriate materials. Therefore, the toy EN71 certification decree is launched in Europe. Its significance is to standardize the toy products entering the European market through EN71 standard, so as to reduce or avoid the harm of toys to children.

E-MARK certification

E-MARK, that is, the European common market, shall pass the product certification in accordance with the provisions of EU directive [EEC directives] and European Economic Commission Regulation [ECE regulation], that is, issue the certificate of conformity, so as to ensure the safety of driving and the requirements of environmental protection. E-MARK is granted with different numbers according to different certification countries. For example, if Luxembourg applies, its E-MARK mark mark is E13 / E13.

IP authentication

IP is the abbreviation of ingress protection. IP grade is the protection grade of electrical equipment shell against foreign matter intrusion. The source is IEC 60529, which was also adopted as the American national standard in 2004.

REACH certification

Introduction to REACH certification REACH is the EU regulation "Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals". This is a regulatory proposal concerning the safety of chemical production, trade, and use. The regulation aims to protect human health and environmental safety, and maintain and improve the competitiveness of the EU chemical industry. , And the innovative ability to develop non-toxic and harmless compounds, prevent market fragmentation, increase transparency in the use of chemicals, promote non-animal experiments, and pursue sustainable social development.