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System certification

System certification refers to the third-party evaluation of the enterprise's management system or products through a third-party organization. The institution must be independent and impartial. The international standardization activity of system certification first began in the electronic field. In 1906, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), the world's earliest international standardization organization, was established. The work in other technical fields was originally undertaken by the International Federation of the national standardization associations (ISA), established in 1926, focusing on mechanical engineering. Isa's work ended in 1942 due to World War II. In 1946, representatives from 25 countries met in London and decided to establish a new international organization with the purpose of promoting international cooperation and the unification of industrial standards. As a result, ISO, the general name of system certification, was officially established on February 23, 1947, with its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. ISO published the first standard in 1951 - standard reference temperature for industrial length measurement.