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Energy efficiency certification (MEPs)

MEPs certification

MEPs - minimum energy performance standards

The energy consumption performance of electronic and electrical products has attracted more and more attention of ordinary consumers. All over the world, there are requirements for energy consumption of electronic and electrical products. Testing & Certification Australia has also recently launched MEPs certification for the Australian market. The energy consumption requirements of the Australian government include energy consumption labels and minimum energy consumption standards (MEPs).

All the following electronic products sold in Australia are required to be sold with energy consumption labels:

*Refrigerator and ice maker

*Washing machine

*Clothes dryer


*Air conditioning (single-phase compulsory, three-phase voluntary)

The following products also need to be controlled based on the minimum energy consumption standard (MEPs) - that is, their minimum energy consumption level is specified:

*Refrigerator and ice maker (implemented from October 1, 1999 and revised on January 1, 2005)

*Main pressure storage electric water heater (implemented since October 1, 1999)

*Small main pressure storage electric water heater (< 80L) and low pressure heat exchange type (implemented since October 1, 2005) (refer to the limits and test methods in ago)

*Three phase motor (0.73 kW to < 185 kW) (implemented since October 1, 2001 and revised in April 2006)

*Single phase air conditioning (implemented from October 1, 2004, revised on April 1, 2007 and 2008 respectively)

*Three phase air conditioner with refrigerating power up to 65 kW (implemented from October 1, 2001 and revised on October 1, 2007)

*Straight tube fluorescent lamp ballast (from 1 March 2003) Note that in addition to MEPs, ballasts also need to be marked with efficiency index (EEI)

*Straight tube fluorescent lamp - including 550 mm to 1500 mm and lighting power greater than 16 watts (implemented from October 1, 2004)

*Distribution transformer – 11 kV and 22 kV, 10 Ka to 2.5 MVA (implemented since October 1, 2004)

*Commercial refrigerator (self-contained and remote control system) (implemented from October 1, 2004)

Although the following products are not listed in the compulsory management catalogue, they must also meet the energy consumption specifications and obtain certification in the near future, and the implementation date of some products has been determined.

*External power supply (implemented from October 1, 2008);

*Set top box (implemented from October 1, 2008);


*Home entertainment equipment: (audio and video equipment) (implemented from October 1, 2008);

*Hot and cold water dispenser;

*Vending machines;

*Commercial ice machines;

*Lamp tube series;