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FCC certification and fcc-id certification

Introduction to FCC certification in the United States

Full name of FCC: Federal Communications Commission of the United States. It is directly responsible to Congress, coordinates domestic and international communications by controlling radio, television, telecommunications, satellites and cables, and is responsible for authorizing and managing RF transmission devices and equipment other than those used by the federal government.

According to the relevant parts of the Federal Communications regulations (CFR Part 47), all electronic products entering the United States need Electromagnetic Compatibility Certification (FCC certification). At present, the United States has become China's second largest trading partner for several consecutive years, and the trade volume between China and the United States is increasing year by year. Therefore, exports to the United States can not be underestimated. The strictness of American product technical standards and import regulations can be called the first in the world. Understanding American market access rules will help Chinese products further open the American market. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) - regulates the import and use of radio frequency devices, including computers, fax machines, electronic devices, radio receiving and transmission equipment, radio remote control toys, telephones, personal computers and other products that may harm personal safety. If these products want to be exported to the United States, they must be tested and approved by a government authorized laboratory in accordance with FCC technical standards. Importers and customs agents are required to declare that each radio frequency device complies with FCC standards, i.e. FCC licenses.

Fcc-id certification

1 Description

Fcc-id is one of the mandatory FCC certification modes in the United States, which is suitable for wireless products with great technical difficulties. Products with wireless transmission frequency, such as Bluetooth devices, WiFi devices, wireless alarm devices, radio receiving and transmission devices, telephones, computers, etc., need to apply for fcc-id certification. The certification of wireless products is directly approved by FCC TCB organization. The certification certificate can be queried on the official website of FCC (www.fcc. Gov).

2 process

When a merchant applies for fcc-id number certification for the first time, it needs to register with FCC and establish an application company file in fcc-frn before it can declare fcc-id All reports are reviewed by the fcc-tcb organization, submitted to the FCC Management Center for publication on the website, and then the product information can be found on the official website of the FCC in the United States through the ID number.