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CE certification

1. What is CE certification?

CE mark is a safety certification mark, which is regarded as the passport opened by the manufacturer and entered the

marketEuropean market. CE stands for European unity. All products with "CE" mark can be sold in EU Member States

To prove that the products meet the basic requirements of EU new technology coordination and test methods

The standardization directive does not need to meet the requirements of Member States, so as to realize free trade

Commodity circulation within EU Member States.

32 special economic zones in Europe have CE certification, including 28 EU, 3 / 4 European Free Trade Area and Turkey.

productThe CE mark can circulate freely in the European Economic Area (EEA). CE certification is widely used outside the EU

Used and highly recognized worldwide. CE certification is highly recognized in Southeast Asia, Central Asia and Africa.

2. Necessity of CE certification.

CE certification means that the product meets the safety requirements specified in EU directives; This is a commitment

Enterprises' trust in consumers increases consumers' trust in products; Products with CE mark will reduce the risk

Sales in the European market. These risks include:

● risk of being detained and investigated by customs;

● risks investigated and dealt with by market regulators;

● risk of being criticized by peers for competitive purposes.

3. How do I select a certification authority?

CE does not have a unified licensing authority, and CE does not have a unified licensing authority (therefore

There is no unified query channel / website).

The authority of CE certification issued by TUV and other well-known foreign institutions is beyond doubt. Many

Enterprises need TUV certification, but they all think the quotation is too expensive. In fact, there are many certifications

EU accredited institutions. You can choose any EU recognized certification body to pass CE certification. chief engineer

Certification is only product safety certification, not product quality certification. Therefore, there is little difference

Between a certification body accredited by TUV or other European Member States and a domestic certification body

CE certification can also be issued.

For enterprises pursuing cost performance and cost control, domestic third-party testing institutions are undoubtedly

indispensable The best choice.

4. CE certification process

1.The applicant company shall fill in the application form and provide information, application form, product operation

manual and technical documents.manual and technical documents.

2. The organization evaluates CE certification inspection standards and CE certification inspection items and makes quotation.

3. Apply for the company to confirm the project and send samples.

5. The laboratory arranges product testing and reviews and evaluates the integrity of technical documents.

6. After the product test meets the requirements, the product test report or technical structure document shall be provided to

the applicant company, and the CE certificate shall be issued after passing the test.